Decorative Furniture

How to give your hallway a new function?

The hallway is a part of the house that connects one room to another. Some people consider it unnecessary and space-consuming. But in other circumstances it can be used as an extra room in the house. With a little ingenuity,…

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How to store your children’s toys?

When you have children, their toys take over the house; you stumble upon them in the hallway, the kitchen, the yard, the bedroom…You see them every day in every corner and it becomes more and more difficult for you to…

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Which material to choose for your sofa?

If there is one piece of furniture that is most in demand in the living room it is the sofa. As well as constituting a decorative item, the sofa also provides invaluable comfort for guests and owners. This is why…

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How to create a headboard in wood pallet?

Do you want to build a headboard in a raw and simple design? In that case, you can choose wood pallets. These materials are aesthetic, environmentally friendly and affordable. Moreover, a headboard made of pallets is easy to both build…

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