Interior Design Tips

How to reduce tobacco smells in your home?

Tobacco is an addiction that causes a lot of harm. But for one reason or another, some can’t stop smoking. Still, the smell of tobacco is unbearable for a lot of people, especially children and babies. Beside being unpleasant, the…

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All the interior design tips to create a pleasant office

Decorating one’s office or workspace is some kind of motivation to strengthen his/her professional and personal will. There are numerous tips and practices that can make an office more distinctive and pleasant. Personalising the arrangement of furniture with accessories is…

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3 tips to revamp your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a house, where the family meets, where the parents prepare the meal while the children do their duty. During lockdown, many people have used it for teleworking. So it is important to have a…

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Creative design: hang your Berber carpets on your walls

From handy furniture to a decorative item, the Berber carpet can be hung on the walls. Indeed, this style is becoming trendy by the day. It can not only enhance a specific room, but also add a colourful feel to…

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3 tips for a smooth wake up

For many people, waking up is a terrible time. When your alarm clock goes off, you quickly turn it off, then you immediately get up and never go back to sleep. A day can then begin. Only the transition is…

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