How to create a warm atmosphere in your home?

With a few clever tricks, it is possible to create a warm atmosphere in any room of the house. We are not asking you to break everything in your home or to spend money on expensive decorative items but to realize that, for instance, a simple addition of lighting to a room can already bring a cosy and relaxing atmosphere to your home’s interior. If you want to know how you can design your interior to make it more pleasant to live in,  read our valuable tips below.

Fabrics: the best way to create a cosy look!

Curtains, cushions and carpets are very important and should not be bought randomly. Fortnately, specialists like MAISON BERGER PARIS are there to help you pick the fabrics and textiles that are best suited for your home.  We can never stress this enough; choose rather silky textiles such as natural fibres for your sofa and armchair covers as you will definitely feel more comfortable with natural fabrics.

Colourful decorative items add a warm atmosphere!

Decorative elements such as pictures, flowers and lighting should be chosen carefully to bring a warm atmosphere to a home. Choose decorations with a lighter, comfortable shade. Cushions and rugs in a vibrant colour can also add a touch of excitement to your interior design. Don't forget plants either, they bring a natural freshness to a room, but be careful not to overdo it, or else it will result in a completely different style of interior design. The choice of furniture is also important. The Scandinavian style sofa and chairs are recommended for a cocooning and cosy atmosphere. It is also good idea to install your grandmother's old furniture to create a different kind of warm interior as you wish. Finally, the colour of the wall and floor should also be renewed!

Home fragrances for a cocooning decoration

Home fragrances are ideal to bring a good atmosphere into the living room, bathroom and even bedroom. Choose a soft perfume to plunge into a beautiful atmosphere that maybe reminds you of your childhood. The smell of vanilla, for example, can help you relax. Certain essential oils can also create a cocooning atmosphere. Note that the use a perfume diffuser is the way to go.

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