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Interior glazing: invite light to your rooms while separating them

After several years of living in the same house, you may want to change the interior design a little. You may even want to rethink the layout of the rooms and their size. Nowadays, it is possible to install new…

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How to turn your attic into a place of relaxation?

Converting an attic into a place of relaxation is an interesting idea for those who want to have an extra space without breaking the bank. Here is how to do it! Insulate the roof well Although it may seem unlikely…

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3 ideas for the design of a master suite

As you walk into your master bedroom at night or wake up there in the morning, what kind of décor would you like to greet you? If this isn’t the room you currently have, there are so many inspiring master…

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How to transform your chimney into a bio-ethanol fireplace?

A bio-ethanol fireplace is a heating method that works with ethanol. This type of heating is starting to replace conventional fireplaces. And for those who have a fireplace at home, it is possible to convert it into a bioethanol fireplace…

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