3 ideas for the design of a master suite

Published on : 14 October 20212 min reading time
As you walk into your master bedroom at night or wake up there in the morning, what kind of décor would you like to greet you? If this isn’t the room you currently have, there are so many inspiring master suite ideas, as well as tips and accessories to help you design your own new space.

Choose a luxurious panelling in the master suite

Wall panelling ideas bring luxury and class to any room. From traditional cladding and decorative mouldings to innovative designs using fabric, it’s hard to go wrong with panelling. Master bedroom colour palettes and furniture sets with beautiful lighting schemes and stunning accent walls are available, whether it’s a dark sleep schedule you’re after or a bright and soothing space to spend your Sunday mornings with a good book and a hot coffee.

You can add an extra dimension of softness and five-star luxury to a master suite by having a three-quarter height wall of fabric-backed panels behind the headboard. An added bonus is the soundproofing from the outside world it offers.

Create a master suite that blends with its surroundings

A blend of rustic touches and traditional elegance is a smart yet accessible design, one that’s so relevant to the way we live today, whether it’s among rolling fields or in an urban landscape. Being serene, inviting and comfortable, a suite with its simple and elegant bed design needs little extra embellishment, but can be enhanced by an ultra-pretty floral wallpaper.

How the lighting is controlled is key in a bedroom. Dimmers are essential to change the mood from day to night. Make sure each light is individually controlled with accessible switches so you can easily eliminate glare when you’re in bed.

Create a streamlined wardrobe in the master suite

Even small bedrooms need a special area where you can get ready to go out. If space allows, add in a slim wall-mounted dressing table as a stylish and discreet alternative to traditional wardrobes.

When you’re done getting ready, the dressing table simply rests, while the cupboards above each side provide adequate storage for your clothes, shoes and jewellery.

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