Can one replace diffuser sticks?

To benefit from a satisfactory and comfortable home interior in the smallest details, the olfactory touch should always be taken into consideration. There is nothing better than having the impression of being immersed in nature, in the middle of a forest or under a coconut tree, while working at your desk or sitting on your sofa? Fortunately, there are many ways to add fragrance to your home, such as the use of fragrance diffusers. Moreover, there are several sticks available for sale so that you can change yours.

What is a fragrance diffuser?

The fragrance diffuser has an important role to play in transforming the atmosphere of your home. Choosing a soft fragrance that can accompany you in every room of the house is considered an essential element of decoration because the latter is not only about material, the air around you can also be part of it. Whether you choose to have a sweet scent for the night on a daily basis or with your guests, the fragrance diffuser is an ally in relaxing and soothing the environment. There are many scents to emit, and all flavours can be found in the market. It should be noted that natural willow sticks for aroma diffusers are an excellent choice due to their discharge capacity.

Refills for every taste!

When your aroma diffuser is empty, it does not mean that it has reached the end of its useful life since the range of refills available on the market is very wide and they can be used again and again. When the bottle is empty, you have two option; if you want to keep the same fragrance, you simply fill the new refill with the liquid in question, but if you want to explore a different fragrance, you can do so by cleaning the bottle and the perfume stick beforehand. In addition, it is recommended to use many long sticks for a more intense diffusion and a quick consumption. 

The sticks’ performance

In order for the sticks to achieve maximum efficiency, you can renew them by buying new boxes. This replacement system not only gives you the opportunity to renew the smell in your home, but it is also a simple and economical way to create the right atmosphere. Most craftsmen use natural, coloured or bleached willow sticks of different diameters depending on the standards required. In addition, there are several sizes of bottles and sticks on the market, so it’s almost impossible for you to mix them. Perfume diffusers with large sticks are only suitable for large sprigs, and of course the same applies to smaller sticks.
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