How to play with natural light to creat unique effects?

To light up a dark room, it is not necessary to install lamps and lights. It is perfectly possible to rather play with natural light. This solution is more recommended because of the many advantages it offers. Are you wondering how to proceed and what rules to follow? Keep reading!

Enlarge existing openings!

It is a proven fact that natural light improves the quality of life. It brings a warmer atmosphere and therefore greater comfort. To let it flood your home and give the latter the glow it needs, the first thing to do is to enlarge the existing openings in your home. You can do this by increasing the size of the windows. If you have a bay window, don't hesitate to replace it with a larger model. You can also make a change to your front door. And since you have to do some work, take the opportunity to change the material of your windows so that the sun rays can penetrate them throughout the day. If you have no knowledge of DIY and construction, it is highly recommended to call in a professional.

Create new openings!

It is sometimes more difficult to modify openings than to create new ones. It can also be more expensive. To bring in as much natural light as possible, it may be a good idea to place small windows on both sides of the house. The size of these new openings should be chosen according to the space available. It is not necessary to create windows of the same size. If you wish, you can also install roof windows. However, if your house is exposed to too much light because of its location, it may be useful, for example, to filter the light by using blinds. If the light becomes too blinding, you can simply deploy them.

Install the right accessories!

There are various accessories on the market designed to allow natural light into the house. Opaque partitions can replace bay windows. Glazing can also be used since it allows light to circulate between two rooms, which is a better option than putting up partitions. The same applies to half-height windows. In short, there are a myriad of solutions that can be chosen according to your need and taste.
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