3 innovative ideas to store your books

Arranging your books is a real challenge, especially if you don't have enough space at home or if you simply find it hard to keep your home tidy. Here are some creative ideas that will help you store your books in a clever way without tarnishing your home’s interior design.

Go for an old recycled grand piano!

Visit a garage sale and pick up an old grand piano that is no longer in use. Remove all the parts under the lid, the cover and the legs of the piano. Keep only its "body" and keys. On the flat left side of the piano, nail a wooden board to which you will attach four small rounded furniture legs. This will serve as a support for your bookcase. Place the whole against a wall: the stand at the bottom and the keys vertically to your right. Next, cut three boards irregularly according to the dimensions of each part of the the piano case’s inside. Nail each board horizontally to serve as shelves to store your books. When finished, sand the whole thing to remove splinters and also remember to paint the shelves in black like your piano. The result is sublime and your guests will be impressed by your masterpiece!

Install a long low bookshelf along a hallway!

Do you have a long hallway? Why not use this large space to enhance the beauty of your home? The way to do it is to attach three long and thick boards to your wall along the length of your hallway. This will give you two levels to store your books on. To make the whole thing even more beautiful, you can hang pretty pictures above your shelves to fill the gap. Note that the maximum height of the new furniture should not exceed half the height of your wall so that young and old alike can access the books without any problems. The result will be magnificent and your home’s interior sublimated!

Invest in a box bench or a box footstool!

Nowadays, box benches and footstools are very popular because of their practicality and unique design. In addition to offering all the functionality of a classic one, a box footstool also acts as a storage area for your books. Installed in your living room or bedroom as a footstool, bedside table or footrest, the pouf or bench acts as an elegant and discreet decorative object. To suit all tastes, these accessories come in a variety of colours, shapes, patterns and materials (linen, velvet, leather, etc.) and offer comfortable seating.
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