3 tips to revamp your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a house, where the family meets, where the parents prepare the meal while the children do their duty. During lockdown, many people have used it for teleworking. So it is important to have a kitchen that suits your tastes and desires. If you want to revamp your kitchen, the following three ideas might help you...

A makeover on a tight budget

Is your kitchen getting old? Because a complete renovation requires a large budget, simply repainting the walls and furniture of this space can be an interesting alternative to keep costs down. All you have to do is paint the fronts of the furniture. Repainting the cupboards that dominate this room will also modernise your kitchen. As far as the colour is concerned, you can choose bright shades in order to obtain an authentic and modern setting. Today's paints are more resistant to household products and humidity. Therefore, you can enjoy the chosen colour for years to come. Changing accessories is also a small job, but it will completely transform your kitchen. After painting, consider replacing the cabinet handles and if you like the natural look of it, you can add shelves to hold plants in a vase.

Rejuvenate the credence

The credence is in the middle of the lower and upper cabinets in the kitchen. This space is the focus of attention when you enter the room. A new look for the credence table will help to bring out the style of your kitchen. There are several ways to do this, the main one being to paint the credence with a specialised tile paint. Alternatively, you can buy a new splashback. You have three options when purchasing: the adhesive credence, which is based on the principles of wallpaper, the laminated one and the tile one.

Go for quality designer storage units

Storage tricks can give your kitchen a new look without the need for major work. In order to optimise space, you should consider clearing out some of the furniture and replacing it with designer items that can accommodate all your accessories. With a larger budget, you can even renew the appliances. Always go for modern electrical goods that blend in easily with your kitchen's decor. When it comes to lighting, a good light design can also transform the kitchen. Light sources are usually located above the worktop. You can choose between strip lights, light fittings or fluorescent strips.
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