Creative design: hang your Berber carpets on your walls

From handy furniture to a decorative item, the Berber carpet can be hung on the walls. Indeed, this style is becoming trendy by the day. It can not only enhance a specific room, but also add a colourful feel to your interior design. Wall rugs can also become the heart of your home's decor.

Why fix a rug to the wall?

Berber rugs have moved from the floor to the wall for decoration purposes. There are several reasons for this migration. The first reason is clear, it has to do with aesthetics. Indeed, to display the most beautiful carpet works, hanging them on the wall remains an ideal option. This can be done in the same way as you display photos, frames and paintings. Just like ethnic tapestries or tapestries, rugs can also replace collectibles and artworks. A carpet hung on the wall is also used to hide cracks in the interior and stains on the paint.

How do you install a Berber carpet on the wall?

There are many ways to hang a Berber carpet on the wall. Here are some examples: - The use of rods: these are tools to decorate the ends of the carpet with small flowers. - Using Velcro tapes: you can put Velcro fasteners on the back of the rug. - Use wooden slats as a pillar. This way your carpet can be perfectly placed and easy to take down and maintain. You can also install a wooden frame on the back of the rug and hang it on the wall with hooks, the main goal being to choose the hanging system that best suits your interior design. Finally, if you have small rugs, consider attaching them to the wall with a hanger. A beautiful metal, wooden, retro or coloured hanger will add a unique rustic look to your home’s interior design.

A wall carpet: where can it be fixed?

A Berber carpet can be hung in any room in the house. However, the living and the dining rooms remain the most appropriate areas for such a decorative item. Choose the light part of the wall or behind the sofa to highlight it. The entrance to the house is a good place to hang it. This will impress your guests. Note that the rug can also be placed in the bedroom above the bed creating a unique and modern headboard. Hanging a rug in your kid's bedroom will also add softness and real comfort to his/her living space.
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