How to transform your chimney into a bio-ethanol fireplace?

A bio-ethanol fireplace is a heating method that works with ethanol. This type of heating is starting to replace conventional fireplaces. And for those who have a fireplace at home, it is possible to convert it into a bioethanol fireplace after a few adjustments.

How to convert your chimney into a bioethanol fireplace?

A classic fireplace has its own character, but it is often quite cumbersome to use or maintain, and sometimes even impossible to exploit due to structural problems. This is why more and more people are choosing to convert it into a bioethanol fireplace. To do this, you simply buy and install the fireplace in the chimney. This allows you to preserve the rustic and original style of the fireplace. You can also put real logs in front of the flame diffusion system to create a trompe l'oeil and add a more rustic and sober style to the whole thing. And if you have a large fireplace, you can of course put several diffusers.

What exactly is a bioethanol fireplace?

A bioethanol fireplace is a heating method that uses ethanol as fuel. To use it, you must first fill the tank with ethanol. Then you have to light the burner which causes the ethanol to burn, producing flames and a heat source. The design of the fireplace can be modified with wood, contemporary materials, marble, stone, etc. Consumption varies between 0.4 and 0.6 litres per hour. As for the power, it varies between 1 and 5 KwH which allows to heat a room of 15 m 2. When it comes to its installation, it is important to do it in a room larger than 10m 2, to avoid using it in a humid room and to be able to fix tanks of more than 0.25L to the wall. As for the price, it can vary between 40 and 500€.

The benfits of transforming your classic fireplace into a bio-ethanol one

The operating principle of the bio-ethanol fireplace is similar to that of a lighter and it has many benefits compared to the use of a traditional one. It does not really require maintenance unlike a fireplace. It is also mobile and quick to install where it can be placed either on a table or on the floor. You also have a wide range of choices when it comes to aesthetics as there are numerous decorative materials that can be used. The aio-ethanol fireplace also uses a renewable energy source unlike the classic one which uses wood as fuel. But it still has some drawbacks like low efficiency, high cost of use, potential danger, etc.
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