How to turn your attic into a place of relaxation?

Converting an attic into a place of relaxation is an interesting idea for those who want to have an extra space without breaking the bank. Here is how to do it!

Insulate the roof well

Although it may seem unlikely to some, having an attic can be a real boon. Yet more often than not, this space is either unused or poorly used. Most households use it only as a storage room. However, with some adjustments, it is possible to convert it into an additional enjoyable space. Whether it's to maximise storage space or to create a new room to relax in. But where to start? In short, the first thing to do is to insulate your roof because the latter is a source of heat loss that can be as high as 40% and thus can compromise joinery. It can also increase electricity consumption. In addition, spending a cold winter in your attic can be uncomfortable. In order to remedy this, opting for interior insulation is by far the best solution!

Installing a roof window

After installing good insulation in your attic, it is essential to think about light sources. Nothing is better than natural light from the sun. Of course, the skylight is already considered a natural source. However, it does not provide the desired light throughout the day. Therefore, to get more light, the ideal solution is to install a roof window. Not only does this allow the room to be ventilated, but it also prevents aerobic bacteria from infesting the room. Roof windows of all sizes can be found on the market. It is also possible to order a specific model made to measure.

Furnishing the attic

To finalise the design, it is important to think about furniture and other decorative objects. If the relaxation room in question is intended for the whole family, why not equip it with games? This can be done by installing a table football, table tennis or any other board games. A home cinema can also be installed so that the family can watch films together. For a comfortable relaxation room, furniture such as footstools, sofas and rugs should also be taken into consideration.
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